Last Days

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Back in Tokyo for the last few days of this one-in-a-lifetime experience.  Went to Akihabara, the electronics/manga/geek district, hit up a shrine near Shibuya, and said sayonara to my new close friends.  Tomorrow, I get on a plane to Chicago, and arrive a few hours before I left.


Kariyushi Beach Resort Ocean Spa

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Only a quick stay here, but damn.  Beachside hotel, outdoor pool, traditional Japanese dinner, hot springs, the works.  Then back to Tokyo!

Home Stay in Okinawa

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Stayed with a host family for a day and a half for the true immersion experience.  They took me to the Okinawa Peace Memorial & Shiru Castle, and introduced me to some killer green tea.  Young Kangi and I managed to bond despite the fact that we spoke about ten words of each other’s language. 

Chuko Distillery

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A visit to Chuko Distillery, makers of awamori.  Yes, there was a free sample (or two) at the end of the tour.

Okinawa, Days Three and Four

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The junior high wouldn’t allow too many photos, but high school didn’t seem to have a problem.  This visit shattered some perceptions about Japanese schools.  While the students were mostly well-behaved and teachers admit to very few discipline problems, they were very low-tech … and decidedly laid back, though that describes Okinawa in general.  Also without air conditioning, and it’s in the 90s and humid here.  Sorry, Illinois.

Okinawa, Day Two

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Pictures from Tomigusuku City Iraha Elementary School.  Video of me dancing with pom-poms is unavailable at this time.

Okinawa, Day One

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Left behind the lights and noise of Tokyo for a beach vacation professional development opportunity in Okinawa…